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    1. Julissa 返信

      I bought the vegetable korma on your recommendation – great choice! Really tasty and more filling than I expected. I can’t wait to try your other picks. Keep the reomecmndations coming!

  1. Louise 返信

    I think you&#8217;ve just captured the answer <a href="" rel="nofollow">petercfly</a>

    1. Kacy 返信

      Hello Mr. Swain,In the inotcdurtion to your book, you categorize political issues into two categories: issues based on objective fact and issues influenced by emotion. What is your personal opinion on the role of emotion in politics and decision making? Do you feel like religion should factor into this objective decision making? Lastly, do you feel like the issue of GMO research should be approached from a purely factual standpoint? Thanks for your time.Julian